Strom Camden

Strom Camden is a 16 year old boy from Northland. He ranges with his father in the wild areas of the Ruby Ranges.


Although Strom Camden is of average height for a human, he is broad of shoulder and deep of chest. Strom’s powerful build is evidence of his hard and strenuous life wandering the wilds of Northland. His hair is a dark brown and he has light stubble on the chin. He has his mother’s clear, grey eyes and displays a keen mind. He has a light tan complexion and his wilderness lifestyle has given him strong callused hands for a boy of sixteen winters. Strom has a large, ruddy birthmark on his right arm. This mark covers his right hand and stretches halfway up his forearm.

Strom has witnessed things that many civilised people find… unsettling. This has made him somewhat guarded among strangers and he would rather be silent and learn what he can of them before speaking his mind. Consequently, Strom has developed a quiet personality and does not make friends quickly.

The Camden family have spent many years driving cattle to the mountain tribes for the annual tribute. This has given Strom a sincere appreciation of the Lizardfolk, their traditions, customs and the connection the lowland people have with the highland tribes. He does not like the way some people curse the Lizardfolk and the treaty, and he will quickly develop a dislike of people who outwardly speak against these things.

Strom was born in a Lizardfolk camp. He has spent much of his life among the tribes of the Ruby Ranges and has built close friendships with many of the folk of the Napa Lute – Red Hand tribe. As Lootah Tokala, the tribal shaman, saw Strom’s birth as a good omen, the Camden family has been allowed to stay with the Napa Lute during past winters.

Strom’s family has always been close. When his mother died Strom and his father took the lose hard and spent many years brooding. Strom still has his mother’s pendant that she made long ago. It is a simple device of wood, leather and twine. It depicts the three facets of the House of the Land; Ulliah, Yhancis and Hirath. Strom treasures this item over all others.

Occasionally Strom and his fathers have been required to track down criminals, particularly those who have stolen cattle for the annual drive. Their skill at tracking people has earned them a grim reputation with some of the simpler village folk in the area.

Strom Camden

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