Cow Herd

Defending Drovers Meet

Panicked the group quickly assessed the situation.
‘I like the alternate strategies being discussed. Who says the Blackcloaks are the bad guys? Was the Trezkillian cleric hurting anyone? What happened to free speech? Damn that Queen Rose!’ said Strom.

’I will not have one word, not one word,said against the good Queen Rose," said Seencheena between grited teeth. " We will defend this fort in the name of good Queen Rose! So instead of squealing and running how about getting down to business? I was thinking…the river is close. How about organisisng the people into soaking the wooden stockade."

“Good idea, " grunted Shale appreciatively.

“Okay, that was a great idea but what else can we do?” muttered Strom. “What are the best vantage points for archers? Inside the stockade over the wall? Up on Camp Hill looking down?”

" I don’t see why there should be any fighting!," said Penfold.
“I am a lover not a fighter,” minced Skye.

An increasingly panicked Strom interrupted with, “Can we dig trenches to trip up the horses or run lines between trees to knock off riders? Can we cut and sharpen long wooden stakes as a defence against the charging knights? If not, are there pikes or long spears inside the fort? Can we saturate the ground in front of the stockade gate with oil so we can set it alight to surprise the knights and horses?”

“Not in an hour,” sighed Skye. " However, give me an hour of your time lovely and I could make you sweat!"

“…Should we hide the priestess somewhere else?” went on Storm.“Should we use fast hit and run tactics around Drover’s Meet to defend the area? Should we ensure the priestess is properly restrained and silenced before and during the combat?”. Sweat now dripping from his ching, whites of the eyes showing.

“I have no idea of anybody elses plans, but Skye can fix this little problem easy. Kill the sergeant, free the priestess, and be forever in the Black Capes debt. Simple.”

“Firstly, the sergeant warned us not to follow the Trezkillian knights because we could get hurt. He was also upholding the local authority. It would be wrong Skye and you know it!” said Seencheena.

“Actually, did the priestess hurt anyone?” commented Penfold.

“The Priestess held three sermons – one at the inn, one on Camp Hill and one before the fort on Tally Hill. During those ‘sermons’ she repedidly sullied the name of good Queen Rose.” explained Seencheena.“Sergeant Ollan rightly had her arrested on Tally hill for bringing the Queen’s name into disrepute.”

“Okay, although the Trezkillian priestess was speaking treason and maybe involved in exciting rebellious activity. She didn’t actually hurt anyone…..” Penfold pettered out as he caught Seencheena’s intense frown.

“Well… I guess the Trezkillian knights did kill the two hobbits who were trying to steal their horses. A villager found two heads on spikes on the ridge.” admitted Stom.

“Let’s be fair,” said Skye winking, “It was Penfold who really sent the two hobbits to steal the horses and ultimately sent them to their deaths…..that is if we were dealing out blame. However, I would much rather deal out pleasure…”

So, it appears we need to free the priestess, imprison Penfold. Let’s get em!



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