Cow Herd

On the Road
“OF Mimes and Spuds and Wondrous things”
  • Part 1* ”
  • ‘Wow,’ marvelled Penfold.*
  • ‘Wow.’ echoed Sencheena.*
  • “She has a gift,’ marvelled the pair.*

Skye lit by flickering campfire was gracefully writhing, and slowly snaking a potatoes around her lithe form, before a flabbergasted Spud. She used no words, but somehow, somehow the whole potato story from being laid gently in a hollow of ground, to being covered by soft sweet smelling loam , then the newly sprouted plant’s graceful push through the ground were all conveyed in the most sensual of mimes. In fact, the point where the potatoes were dug out of the warm ground by soft, gentle white hands….well it would raise a sweat on any hot blooded man, hobbit or woman. Spud had no chance he was spellbound.

“Wow!” whispered Seencheena to Penfold again. “ Skye is good really good…”

“Never seen anything like it before,” whispered Penfold , behind his hot mug of Tak. “They never told us about these things in Tempest…..”

Things seemed to be going well, mused Sencheena, sipping her tak after the performance. In fact it was much easier than she had thought. The party had been on the drove to the meeting place at Northland Garrison for two days and were expecting to arrive at the crossing to the Fleetfoam River at Fort Thoris, in the morning.

Okay the relentless drizzle of rain most of the trip was a bit of a downer. However, looking on the bright side, the hundred head of cattle they had begun with had remained intact.

‘A point in our favour’ she thought.

In fact, according to the knowledgeable Spud, they were right on track to make the tribute in two weeks.

“How long to the Garrison Spud,” asked Sencheena when Spud had regained his power of speech after the ‘Spud Mime’

Spud explained, “After the river crossing…mmmm…. It be only two days to the Northland Garrison. Then you will see some sights. Worth the year long wait…Great times to be had at the Garrison!”

“Well, I hope I find my pillow before then, “complained Penfold.

“Look Penfold, I don’t know what you were doing with a pillow on a drove anyway! It hardly creates the right impression! We are trying to be cattlemen here!” scolded Sencheena looking up a Penfold.

She was only so stern with him as she was feeling a bit guilty and was trying to distract him from what really happened a few days before they were frantically packing to make Spud’s dawn departure. He had been getting on everyone’s nerves……

“Uh oh", said Penfold, stumbling over a rolled blanket. “Whoever owns that bedroll, you should never have left it there. Sorry!”

The Dolan sniggered. “Good thing I don’t have to wash it!”
Penfold guilty looked down at his dirty boots and started scraping the muck off on the floor.

“Ah, and by the way, has anyone seen my pillow?” asked Penfold.

Nobody even looked up. The reason that the pillow went missing was not really Sencheena’s fault. In a frenzy of packing she had quickly thrown the pillow under the wagon seat. Well that is what she meant to do…a little too much muscle, a little gust of wind and the white, fluffy pillow went sailing over the wooden edge and right into a cow pat. Of course, she picked up the pillow and dusted it off as best she could.

“Pillows on a cattle drive! Pah!” Sencheena muttered again shaking her curls in exasperation. It was not really her fault that Skye had taken offence to the smell and dropped off the back of the wagon. It really shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Another point in our favour… we have only lost one thing and although the days had been long, everyone except Cole, had been enjoying the exciting nightly entertainment provided by Skye beside the warmth campfire. Luckily, the rain had stopped with the sun each night…another bonus. All and all this trip was turning out to be a great success, Sencheena thought as she climbed in her bed roll and drifted off to sleep.

Defending Drovers Meet

Panicked the group quickly assessed the situation.
‘I like the alternate strategies being discussed. Who says the Blackcloaks are the bad guys? Was the Trezkillian cleric hurting anyone? What happened to free speech? Damn that Queen Rose!’ said Strom.

’I will not have one word, not one word,said against the good Queen Rose," said Seencheena between grited teeth. " We will defend this fort in the name of good Queen Rose! So instead of squealing and running how about getting down to business? I was thinking…the river is close. How about organisisng the people into soaking the wooden stockade."

“Good idea, " grunted Shale appreciatively.

“Okay, that was a great idea but what else can we do?” muttered Strom. “What are the best vantage points for archers? Inside the stockade over the wall? Up on Camp Hill looking down?”

" I don’t see why there should be any fighting!," said Penfold.
“I am a lover not a fighter,” minced Skye.

An increasingly panicked Strom interrupted with, “Can we dig trenches to trip up the horses or run lines between trees to knock off riders? Can we cut and sharpen long wooden stakes as a defence against the charging knights? If not, are there pikes or long spears inside the fort? Can we saturate the ground in front of the stockade gate with oil so we can set it alight to surprise the knights and horses?”

“Not in an hour,” sighed Skye. " However, give me an hour of your time lovely and I could make you sweat!"

“…Should we hide the priestess somewhere else?” went on Storm.“Should we use fast hit and run tactics around Drover’s Meet to defend the area? Should we ensure the priestess is properly restrained and silenced before and during the combat?”. Sweat now dripping from his ching, whites of the eyes showing.

“I have no idea of anybody elses plans, but Skye can fix this little problem easy. Kill the sergeant, free the priestess, and be forever in the Black Capes debt. Simple.”

“Firstly, the sergeant warned us not to follow the Trezkillian knights because we could get hurt. He was also upholding the local authority. It would be wrong Skye and you know it!” said Seencheena.

“Actually, did the priestess hurt anyone?” commented Penfold.

“The Priestess held three sermons – one at the inn, one on Camp Hill and one before the fort on Tally Hill. During those ‘sermons’ she repedidly sullied the name of good Queen Rose.” explained Seencheena.“Sergeant Ollan rightly had her arrested on Tally hill for bringing the Queen’s name into disrepute.”

“Okay, although the Trezkillian priestess was speaking treason and maybe involved in exciting rebellious activity. She didn’t actually hurt anyone…..” Penfold pettered out as he caught Seencheena’s intense frown.

“Well… I guess the Trezkillian knights did kill the two hobbits who were trying to steal their horses. A villager found two heads on spikes on the ridge.” admitted Stom.

“Let’s be fair,” said Skye winking, “It was Penfold who really sent the two hobbits to steal the horses and ultimately sent them to their deaths…..that is if we were dealing out blame. However, I would much rather deal out pleasure…”

So, it appears we need to free the priestess, imprison Penfold. Let’s get em!

The Ruby Mountains
"There be lizards in them there hills...:

Well we survived another big encounter against the treacherous Klek clan and a new enemy has been revealed, the dangerous Iron Shin Orcs. Again we all worked pretty well together, doing what was needed during the combat encounter.

Congratulation to Sencheena for finally finding Ekarkie a hatchling. That was very touching.
Sky for discovering the secret passage and distracting the enemy in the way only he/she can.
Penfold colour spraying the initial Lizardfolk and orcs (that saved our butts).
Shale for his heroic fighting and healing power.
Cole for his timely healing and foreseeing where the last Lizardfolk egg lay hidden.
I expect Keith, those were not your typical Lizardfolk. You’ve been creative with the Pathfinder Bestiary haven’t you?
And Penfold, you just had to keep pushing Ekarkie about the looting didn’t you?

Cole, you have the highest AC in the party, defend your friends. I’m not saying get in the front line and start clonking heads, but protect the weaker party members. I know she called you useless, but I know your better than that and can raise above it. Even though Sencheena’s comment about there being no fighters in the group hurt Strom deeply, he will still help and protect her to the best of my ability.

The Darkness
"None shall Pass"
Would you like gravy with those spuds?

“So where are the drovers?” asked a crusty looking halfling, intent on cooking mashed spuds over a grease splattered stove.
“We’re here,” annonced Seencheena leading her friends into the farmyard kitchen.
Slowly the halfling turned. His mouth dropped open and he shook his head. “You lassies don’t look you even know what a cow looks like! Da boss must be kidding! I can’t be taken you greenhorns onto a drove. We are already down men and they are replacing them with women and boys!”
“Which one might I be?” simpered Skye gliding over the steaming pot of spuds. "And might I say that is a fine pot of potatoes. One of the finest I have ever seen!’
‘Spuds… I call a spud a spud. I have no time for al new fanagled names. Spuds was good enough for me dad and it is good enough for me…’ answered Spud. “Well since you are here you may as well sit down and have a feed. You look like you need it. I can’t think of what da boss was thinking.”

“I think you will find us stronger that you think,” winked Skye.
“I have a cattle dog,’ piped in Seencheena.
“I have two dogs as well,’ grunted the boy.
“I am a quick learner,’ enthused Penfold.

Slapping huge mountains mashed spuds on each plate, Spud proceeded to slowly pour thick, rivers of gravy on each mound. Standing back to admire his handwork, he guestered for eveyone to sit down on the benches pulled up at the table. Satified, everyone was served the grey haired hobbit, slowly sat down. Smiled at his plate and proceeded to eat, savouring each spuddy mouthful.

“Aaaahhhh. Now that is spuds….Well, I guess we will give it a go. Don’t have much choice really. Can’t let good Queen Rose down. Time is running out and the tributes gotta get to the meet somehow. Cows don’t drove themselves…” grumbled the small man.
“We start in the morning! Get a good nights sleep. You’ll need it,” Spud muttered as he exited the room. “You can bunk down near the fire. I’m off.”

“To the left, P’tar,” shouted a panicked Sencheena. In response a small, silver furred, Kalshee working dog, left her side and darted to the right and quickly rounded in the stray steer she had completely missed.

“Uh…didn’t notice that….um good work P”tar….,” muttered Seencheena. She glanced behind her, at least Cole seemed to be using his two working dogs to better effect.

Penfold alerted by Seencheena, slowly trotted towards the black faced heifer who had started to stray from the left of the herd. Sencheena watched hopefully as he approached.

“Good team work, Penfold!” she encouraged.

However, the more she watched, the more she realized something was not quite right. In fact the closer poor old Penfold was to the stray heifer, the odder his angle on the saddle appeared. Rubbing her eyes Sencheena looked again at the scene….now Penfold was almost upon the heifer, sitting at right angles to the horse. He seemed blithely unaware of his predicament, a look of sheer concentration on his face, hat balanced precariously on his head.

As she continued to watch, Penfold raised a small whip to crack in the air just like Spud had shown him, planning to guide the stray safelty back to the herd. However, the whip had not quite passed the height of his shoulder …..when very, very slowly….Penfold slid off the saddle. It was as if time itself had slowed. Penfold landed with a quiet thud in the soft, green grass of the training area, a bemused look on his face, staring up at clear, blue skies of Northland and right into the quizzical, brown eyes of his patient mare.

Spud’s tiny, weathered figure was seated on the back of a tough, brown mountain pony, intensely watching. He held his face in his hands despairingly, continually muttering something about ‘greenhorns’ and ‘letting good Queen Rose down’. He slowly turned to the supine figure of Skye in the wagon beside him.

Spud grunted “ Your turn. Can’t be any worse!”

“Spud, Spud, Spud….” Skye purred shaking silver, silky locks at towards Spud. Skye slowly winked and continued. “My skills, lovely Spud, lie in other areas…in fact last night, at great personal sacrifice. I made the arduous trek back to Seaview Tavern and spent ALL night, yes the ENTIRE night ‘recruiting’ some real help. Yes, dear Spud, I have acquired us some real men, real cow herders AND I was forced to spend the night in one of their superior rooms….but that my dear Spud is a story for another night!”

Spud’s expression brightened. He slapped Skye on the back, “ Ye might be good for something after all girlie.”

Just then P’Tar started barking at two approaching riders. The horsemen were just turning into the long tree lined road leading to the old, stone farmhouse and training grounds.

“That should be them,” said Skye, rubbing her back where Spud had slapped it. “You like it rough, spud man….bet I could roast your potatoes!”

The men came close enough for Spud to make out their faces. One was a tall, weathered man with black hair and beard. The other man was slightly smaller with a thick, brown moustache and red hair.

“Dolan and Priah!!!! WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE!” splutter Spud frowning at Skye.

“You wanted cattlemen, I got you cattlemen.” replied Skye sweetly.

“NOT these men, these be Griffin’s men! They spell trouble….” said the halfling angrily.
“ Calm down, Spudling…Skye found these poor men well into their drink….APPARENTLY they had just had a run in with a ‘Griffin’ … and they were feeling very sorry for themselves something about this ‘Griffin’ calling all the shots and something about getting food on the table….and naturally what could I do? I had to comfort them….. and one thing let to another,” Skye winked, “ and..well they offered their services.” Skye winked again and continued”….and they agreed to help little’ ole Skye here with this ‘herding thing.’ Skye lied with a dazzling smile.

With Skye’s last words the cattlemen arrived warily, glancing nervously and the angry looking Spud.

“Explain yourselves!” barked the red faced Halfling.

“Though Skye here explained everything,” Dolan scratching his thick, black beard and glancing towards Skye.

“She went on about something but I want to hear your story!” said Spud.

“We’ve split with Griff. Tired of him acting like he’s someone. ‘Sides we need the money! Ask anyone in town,” lied Priah looking steadily at Spud.

Spud looked from one to the other.

“Now if, and I say IF your story checks out, I can’t afford to say no. The tribute has to leave now and these green horns are next to useless!”

Sencheena and Penfold looked at each other aghast.

“He means you Penfold,” she hissed. “Falling off a horse…how could you Penfold!”
Penfold rolled his eyes and looked back to the action.

“Now if you be spinning me a load of rotten potatoes,” warned Spud, punctuating each sentence with a stab of a short, dirty finger. “ I will be getting Lord Dalicore on to you quick as a Kalshee herding dog, and you will never, mark my word, work with cattle again!!!!!!. I be checking out your story right now. I am warning you. If this story does not check out….don’t be here when I get back!!!”

With that he galloped off towards town.

Sencheena, Penfold and Skye looked at the two men and smiled. Cole just shook his head.

“Well that went well,” said Skye rising from the wagon and slinking towards the two men. “Now what can we do while he checks out your story…SOoooo lucky you staged that argument right in the middle of the Seaview….now where were we, ah yes…something to do….?”

With that Skye linked arms with both men, squealing with delight at the feel of their muscular arms, and led them towards the old farmhouse. Cole grimaced and walked back towards the cattle pulling his hat low over his head.

Sencheena and Penfold watched Skye admiringly.

They turned to each other and said,” “Wow! Skye is good really good…”

“Never seen anything like it before, they didn’t mention this at the school of wizardry,” nodded Penfold .

Seaview Tavern
How'd you like dem Spuds?

Cow Herders
Attractive wage
Apply today
Seaview Tavern

Penfold and Seenchena strolled into Strobe’s immaculate Seaview Tavern to the sounds of a large, painted sign being nailed to the signboard near the entrance of the Inn.

In was in fact one of the best Inns thay had been to in Northland. Seaview Tavern not only was clean it had a balcony with a spectacular outlook out to the shell strewn beach along Codfish Bay. Today’s drizzle made inside much, much nicer…cosy tables, friendly innkeeper and a warm fire. Seenchena led Penfold to quiet table with a view to the tall pine trees of Blackwood.

Ordering tak from the friendly, red headed barmaid, they settled and took time to look around at their fellow drinkers. A few heads turned towards them and nodded but most of the men appeared to be looking towards the newly posted sign, frowning. In fact the tavern seemed to be unusually full at this time of day, with weathered working men, who surely should have been out earning their keep and supporting their families. Penfold wondered if that was why so many of the men seemed intent on the sign and turned to take another look.

“Looks good…What do you think? Know much about cows, Penfold?” asked Seenchena looking up at Penfold.

“Sounds okay…think I am better at working with wood than cows though… In fact I am quite certain I am better with wood than cows.” said Penfold.

“Could be interesting though…don’t know about you but my funds are starting to run low…could do with a bit of casual work and we would get to travel a bit more. You know I used to travel a lot when I was working for Dad. Fixing wheels and the like. " replied Seencheena.

A cool breeze signalled a new arrival to the cosy tavern. Expecting to see another weather worn labourer, coming to quench his thirst, the pair were astounded to see a vision glide through the double doorway. Creamy skin, silky white hair, knee length, glittering like silver and the most perfect bone structure they had seen in a long, long while. The vision had poured themselves into chocolate skin tight leather leggings, topped with an elaborate brown and gold vest with some sort of floaty red garment underneath. Slender, graceful and with a boyish figure that somehow hinted at curves and secrets. Perhaps glide was the wrong word…sashay was more apt. Conversation paused for a moment as the Seaview tavern’s occupants admired the new arrival as they paused and took in the room.

“HHEELLLoooooo! Pretty people! Thirsty work this travelling, I feel all hot and bothered. Can anyone buy me a drink?” trilled the blonde vision who just entered the Tavern, smoothing long blonde locks. “Silly me. I forgot to introduce myself. Skye. I am Skye as in blue Skye…and thirsty, my lovelies.”

“Ummmm…okay,” mumbled Penfold stunned by the charmer walking towards him. It was only then that they noticed the vision was flanked by a grim faced boy. Probably a body guard thought Seencheena.

Groaning Seencheena said, “We were thinking of going on this drove,” indicating the sign behind them. “Not something, someone like you would be interested in, rough dirty work I imagine.”

Barely glancing at the sign, Skye pursed her lips, winked her brilliant blue eyes and simpered, “Well sounds like you need me….I can get anybody in anywhere! If you know what I mean…besides sometimes rough and dirty can be fun…if it’s the right sort!”

Their conversation was interrupted by the door near the sign opening and a voice asking all applicants to enter in an orderly fashion in preparation to meet Master Goodberry. Master Goodberry was intending to interview all applicants presently. A few men in the tavern almost stood but sat down smartly after looking towards a dark figure in the corner.

Not one to be late to a meeting Seencheena moved quickly, made herself presentable and proceeded to the doorway, focussed on the task ahead. She turned to the group, “Coming?”

The three figures left at the table got up and followed their halfling friend, fingers crossed and hopes high.

An hour later the group exited the room and entered the tavern’s drinking room to a sea of grumpy faces. Not one other person had applied for the position. Intent on their success they didn’t notice the ill will in the room.

“Well, that went well!” exclaimed Seencheena,“…and Skye you were actually a great help! I am sure Master Goodberry wouldn’t have made such a good offer without your help.” Seencheena pulled her notes from the meeting from beneath her robes and commented, “We are now official employees of one Master Greenleaf and have to deliver the cattle within ten days with a personage called ‘Spud’….I wonder what a Spud looks like?”

“Does anyone know anything about cows?” asked Skye’s bodyguard grimacing. Everyone turned around startled…noone had heard him speak before. In fact Seencheena thought he may have been mute.

“Ummm…er…well….How hard can it be?” replied Penfold.

" As hard as you want it to be…you minx!" smiled Skye fluttering her glossy, dark lashes.

“I have a herding dog,” said Seencheena helpfully.

Their happy chatter was quickly interrupted by a large, bearded man standing beside their table.

“That wasn’t wise…not wise at all…,” he muttered slowly fixing each person at the table with a dark stare.“Noone here works for Master Goodberry…EVER! No one with morals anyways and those without morals…well they seem to get what is coming to them…”

The brooding stare faltered and stopped, finding the clear, blue gaze of Skye. His expression softened slightly as a silky, white hand patted the vacant space beside a leather clad thigh. Penfold and Seencheena glanced at each other, smiled and sat back to watch the now increasing familiar show. Alex, Skye’s bodyguard, sighed heavily, and turned away to study the large, black spider spinning a web between the window sill and a nearby potted plant.

“Now, now big boy. No need to get yourself all hot and bothered (well not yet anyway). Sit down and I am sure we can sort something out.” Skye soothed, fluttering her impossibly long, black lashes. “First things first. I am Skye as in ‘blue sky’ my lovely and these wonderful peeps are my friends Seencheena, Alex and Penfold and we are very, VERY pleased to meet you!”

UUMMMM….uh…..well. Griffin….” muttered Griffin slowly.

“Well! What a manly name!” exclaimed Skye softly stroking one of Griffin’s muscular arms. “And sooo strooong. No wonder your mother called you Griffin…such a FIERCE man. Now we are better aquainted. There seems to be a tinsy, tiny bit of confusion. Is there something we can help you with?”

Before the end of their drink Skye had not only managed to get the full story of Strobe’s political situation but had also promised help and enlisted some of Griffin’s henchmen to help on the drove. It turned out that Griffin was a staunch supporter of a Lord Candalas, the local rival to Lord Dalicore our official employer for the drove.

According to the now friendly Griffin, Lord Candalas had been wrongfully accused of plotting against the beloved Halfling Queen of Northland. Griffin heatedly defended Lord Candalas. He was quite insistent Candalas was not a Trezkillian Blackcloak. Quite the opposite he was a fair and honourable employer, and unlike Dalicore he was a true local man who honestly cared for the community. This honour had an unfortunate consequence. It led Candalas to travel to East Port to answer the charges against him. Lord Dalicore on the other hand, apparently was nothing like the good Lord Candalas. He was not a local, a spend thrift who spent most of his time in East Port, leaving gluttonous Master Greenleaf to do his work for him.

“Wow!” whispered Seencheena to Penfold. “ Skye is good really good…”
“Never seen anything like it before,” whispered Penfold behind his mug of Tak. “Shhhhh… I want to hear what is next.”
Between the odd thigh stroke, batting of lashes and hair sweep, Skye also found out that Griffin was the doting father of three small children and the voted local leader of the boycott against Lord Dalicore. Griffin had ran a successful campaign until we arrived, successfully stopping the ‘spineless glutton’ Greenleaf from hiring and locals or new comers alike. They had been trying to recruit for months now and were quite desperate as there was only 12 days left before the cattle handover was finished for the year.

We explained our position of needing work and honouring the needs of the queen by herding the cattle as tribute to the lizard man but agreed we didn’t know enough about who we worked for. In the end we said we would be happy to split the money with Griffin so he could distribute it to the needy locals and prevent Lord Kandalas from profiting. He offered to send two of his men, Dolan and Priah to help drove the cattle. To this end a mock fight with Dolan, was staged to set the scene for his ‘defection’ in a couple of days.

Cow Herders Extraordinarie
A group of brave adventurers herd cattle to the Lizardmen of Northland.

College of Wizards, months ago…
WHERE IS IT?” screamed a increasingly panicked Penfold.

Quickly ducking flying clothing, Sencheena glanced around the shambles left of the fifth year’s room. Books, clothes and paper were jumbled on the stone floor but there was no sign of the spellbook.

THE exam is in TWO hours….! I need that BOOK!” repeated a shaking Penfold, droplets of sweat were starting to appear on his forehead.

“Where did you have it last?” replied Sencheena climbing upon the pile of debris in the centre of the room to gain a better vantage point.

“I was studying Enchantment 501 when I fell asleep…(sob)…when I woke up it was missing…gone…POOF!” cried Penfold wringing his hands.
“I don’t suppose it was blue, with a purple pentagram and gold lettering? replied Sencheena hopping down from her vantage point.

“That’s it, that’s exactly what it looks like!” exclaimed Penfold. “Where is it?”

Struggling not to laugh, Sencheena raised a small pointed finger at Penfolds large robe pocket. Peeking out from the pocket was a flash of blue, purple and gold…..

Late at night, ocean voyage, months ago….
Seaman Musher had drawn the late shift. It was cold, it was boring & he would rather be asleep than wandering around the ship on guard duty.

…but wait…what was that noise?

He could see a furtive shadow over there near the lifeboat.

Is somebody stealing it? Vandalising it?

Musher carefully moved closer and closer until he was almost able to reach out & touch the shadowy figure…

“Aaaarghhhh….” screamed the figure.

“Eaaarggghhh…” screamed Musher.

“What? Who? Penfold! What are you doing to that boat? You nearly scared me to death!”

“I’m the one half scared to death!…and…uh…I’m just looking for my bedroll.” explained Penfold quite shakily.

Musher looked at Penfold. “Well it’s not likely to be in the lifeboat is it?!!”

“Well,” said Penfold doubtfully. “I guess not, but I’ve already searched the rest of the ship…”

“Uh oh”, said Penfold. “Whoever owns that bedroll, you should never have left it there. Sorry!”

The wagonmaster sniggered. “Good thing I don’t have to wash it!”

“Ah, and by the way, has anyone seen my pillow?” asked Penfold.

Nobody in the party even looked up.

Having spent hours the previous evening looking for the dinner pots & hours for the past few days looking for ropes, Penfold’s spellbook, 2 of the cows, waterskins, Penfold’s backpack and a host of other things, everybody was used to it. Looks like being an arduous trip.

“I thought I tied them up.”

“I thought I put them over there”

“Oops, sorry…”

And not to mention the fact that the whole herd appears to be haunted.

Sencheena quickly threw the pillow under the wagon seat. Well that is what she meant to do…a little too much muscle, a little gust of wind and the white, fluffy pillow went sailing over the wooden edge and right into a cow pat.

Picking up the pillow and dusting it off as best she could, Sencheena smothered a giggle as she put the pillow under the seat of the other wagon. Returning to the driver’s seat she pushed back her wavy brown hair behind her ears and flicked the reins.

“Pillows on a cattle drive! Pah!” she muttered shaking her curls.

Moments ago…

Now where is that shovel?

Hmm… a soft feather down pillow. I wonder whose it is?

Whoa! It sure does smell! People really do need to take care of their belongings on the trail. I bet it use to be Mr Penfold’s’

Well, I guess Bosie could use it. She is calving and could use a nice big pillow to drop her calf on.


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