Cow Herd

The Ruby Mountains

"There be lizards in them there hills...:

Well we survived another big encounter against the treacherous Klek clan and a new enemy has been revealed, the dangerous Iron Shin Orcs. Again we all worked pretty well together, doing what was needed during the combat encounter.

Congratulation to Sencheena for finally finding Ekarkie a hatchling. That was very touching.
Sky for discovering the secret passage and distracting the enemy in the way only he/she can.
Penfold colour spraying the initial Lizardfolk and orcs (that saved our butts).
Shale for his heroic fighting and healing power.
Cole for his timely healing and foreseeing where the last Lizardfolk egg lay hidden.
I expect Keith, those were not your typical Lizardfolk. You’ve been creative with the Pathfinder Bestiary haven’t you?
And Penfold, you just had to keep pushing Ekarkie about the looting didn’t you?

Cole, you have the highest AC in the party, defend your friends. I’m not saying get in the front line and start clonking heads, but protect the weaker party members. I know she called you useless, but I know your better than that and can raise above it. Even though Sencheena’s comment about there being no fighters in the group hurt Strom deeply, he will still help and protect her to the best of my ability.



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