Cow Herd

Cow Herders Extraordinarie

A group of brave adventurers herd cattle to the Lizardmen of Northland.

College of Wizards, months ago…
WHERE IS IT?” screamed a increasingly panicked Penfold.

Quickly ducking flying clothing, Sencheena glanced around the shambles left of the fifth year’s room. Books, clothes and paper were jumbled on the stone floor but there was no sign of the spellbook.

THE exam is in TWO hours….! I need that BOOK!” repeated a shaking Penfold, droplets of sweat were starting to appear on his forehead.

“Where did you have it last?” replied Sencheena climbing upon the pile of debris in the centre of the room to gain a better vantage point.

“I was studying Enchantment 501 when I fell asleep…(sob)…when I woke up it was missing…gone…POOF!” cried Penfold wringing his hands.
“I don’t suppose it was blue, with a purple pentagram and gold lettering? replied Sencheena hopping down from her vantage point.

“That’s it, that’s exactly what it looks like!” exclaimed Penfold. “Where is it?”

Struggling not to laugh, Sencheena raised a small pointed finger at Penfolds large robe pocket. Peeking out from the pocket was a flash of blue, purple and gold…..

Late at night, ocean voyage, months ago….
Seaman Musher had drawn the late shift. It was cold, it was boring & he would rather be asleep than wandering around the ship on guard duty.

…but wait…what was that noise?

He could see a furtive shadow over there near the lifeboat.

Is somebody stealing it? Vandalising it?

Musher carefully moved closer and closer until he was almost able to reach out & touch the shadowy figure…

“Aaaarghhhh….” screamed the figure.

“Eaaarggghhh…” screamed Musher.

“What? Who? Penfold! What are you doing to that boat? You nearly scared me to death!”

“I’m the one half scared to death!…and…uh…I’m just looking for my bedroll.” explained Penfold quite shakily.

Musher looked at Penfold. “Well it’s not likely to be in the lifeboat is it?!!”

“Well,” said Penfold doubtfully. “I guess not, but I’ve already searched the rest of the ship…”

“Uh oh”, said Penfold. “Whoever owns that bedroll, you should never have left it there. Sorry!”

The wagonmaster sniggered. “Good thing I don’t have to wash it!”

“Ah, and by the way, has anyone seen my pillow?” asked Penfold.

Nobody in the party even looked up.

Having spent hours the previous evening looking for the dinner pots & hours for the past few days looking for ropes, Penfold’s spellbook, 2 of the cows, waterskins, Penfold’s backpack and a host of other things, everybody was used to it. Looks like being an arduous trip.

“I thought I tied them up.”

“I thought I put them over there”

“Oops, sorry…”

And not to mention the fact that the whole herd appears to be haunted.

Sencheena quickly threw the pillow under the wagon seat. Well that is what she meant to do…a little too much muscle, a little gust of wind and the white, fluffy pillow went sailing over the wooden edge and right into a cow pat.

Picking up the pillow and dusting it off as best she could, Sencheena smothered a giggle as she put the pillow under the seat of the other wagon. Returning to the driver’s seat she pushed back her wavy brown hair behind her ears and flicked the reins.

“Pillows on a cattle drive! Pah!” she muttered shaking her curls.

Moments ago…

Now where is that shovel?

Hmm… a soft feather down pillow. I wonder whose it is?

Whoa! It sure does smell! People really do need to take care of their belongings on the trail. I bet it use to be Mr Penfold’s’

Well, I guess Bosie could use it. She is calving and could use a nice big pillow to drop her calf on.



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